What is there to do in Des Moines?

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I’m looking for something to do in downtown Des Moines over the next few weeks. I’ve decided I want to take my dad to town a few times to cheer him up.

He’s finally gotten on long-term disability, which is a blessing, but it’s taken a lot out of him. The struggle to get the insurance company to pay out, even though he had everything done properly, has taken a lot out of him. He spent I don’t know how many hours going over paperwork and dealing with phone calls. It was like he was a criminal, all grilling the witness, no trust in anything he said.

In the end, he hired a lawyer to help him, which finally got the results we needed. He’s resting better, and I think he’s in less pain actually, but he’s still tired, and now he’s kind of bitter as well. Even though it was the insurance company and not his company that caused him so much stress, he blames his company for not stepping in and helping more. I don’t know if that’s fair or not. I don’t know how much they could have done, but he definitely feels it. I think he’s actually contemplating not returning, even after he heals up.

That’s such a big decision, and not one I want him taking while he’s not feeling well, I just want to get his mind off things. I took this semester off after he got injured back in the summer, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Now that the disability money is coming in, I don’t have to work so much, so we’re both free to take a few trips.

That was a lot of explanation, I know, but all that being said (and it was a lot), what is there to do in Des Moines these days? We’re thinking about taking in a football game or two, but I’m worried, all that potential for injury, is it going to just bring his own problems to mind? And sitting in an uncomfortable chair, perhaps in the cold, for hours on end, I just don’t know how much he’ll actually enjoy it in practice instead of theory. Football may just be easier to watch at home for a while where it’s warm, his pain pills are nearby, and he’s able to get comfortable.

But really, if we aren’t going for football, I’m not quite sure what to do.

There’s the Art Center, but he’s not much of an art guy. We could go to the theater, I suppose, but again, it’s not quite his thing. He’d probably enjoy it well enough, but I don’t know that it would really keep him happy all afternoon, and that’s the goal here.

So, what’s coming up in town? Any big events in the coming months? Any place we could go, meet some people, and see something interesting that isn’t too physically tasking? Keep in mind, you’ll be making a great guy’s month if you’ve got a good answer.

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New York’s Farm-to-Bar Brewing

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Craft beers have become an essential part of the beer market across the United States. There is a growing demand for the unique flavors and styles that these beers provide and thousands of new companies and brands have formed to fill this need. However, the state of New York has responded to this new growth in the beer industry in a unique way. Along with the growing number of new breweries that have hit the New York market, there are a large number of local farms that are beginning to once again brew hops, barley, and wheat, in order to become a part of this phenomenon. Lohud recently released an article discussing this new partnership between local breweries and local farms.

New York has a large number of breweries called farm breweries, which means that they get at least 20% of their hops and 20% of their other ingredients from local farms. This connects farmers and brewers and allows them to create a local product with a unique flavor that people across the state enjoy. The number of farm breweries in New York has increased from just 45, in 2014, to 168 in 2017.  Using local ingredients allows for a fresher product overall, which only enhances the flavor of the beer. New York residents are increasing their demand for local ingredients, which is allowing this partnership to thrive and help both markets. The state government has also incentivized this partnership through the farm-brewery license, which allows brewers to sell beer by the pint in their brewery and at any restaurant they own. As more brewers are working to become farm breweries, the state is planning to increase the number of ingredients that must be locally grown to 60% by 2019.

This article makes it clear that the craft brewing industry in New York state is helping to revitalize the farming economy and the state economy as a whole. This is a sustainable plan that makes the process more lucrative for everyone involved. If this type of brewer and farmer partnership is able to spread to other states across the country, it could significantly impact the lives of farmers and assist the American economy. This is just one of the many important impacts that craft beer has had over the last several years. Although craft beers still do not make up a large percentage of the American beer market, they really are changing the way America makes beer.

While these craft breweries can bring beer to their local bars and markets, it is difficult for them to supply beer on any large scale. However, companies like Growler Chill are helping to spread the availability of craft beer to your home. Their product keeps growlers of beer cold and fresh for an extended period of time and provides and on-tap system that works in your home. This allows you to enjoy the craft beers you love anytime you want. Hopefully, products such as this can help expand the craft beer market and ensure that it is successful for years to come.

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How to Improve Air Quality in the Workplace

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The workplace should be an area where you can be both productive and safe. It can be said that both the employer and the employee should make the effort of making the workplace as such, but it can also be argued that the employer should take the bigger responsibility.

It is not just a legal and moral obligation for the employer, because having a workplace that is conducive to productivity and safety also has positive effects to the business side of things. Employees will be able to accomplish more and employers will minimize absenteeism due to illnesses and injuries.

But how can an employer improve the air quality in its premises? There are various ways how, such as the following:

Making the area comfortable – The most basic thing an employer can do is to at least make the work area comfortable, especially in the aspects of temperature, humidity, and air movement. This can be done by using adequate air conditioners, having good area design and ergonomics, and installing proper ventilation systems, such as those from RoboVent.

Maintaining the area – The work area should also be cleaned and maintained, not just for aesthetics and hygiene, but also to prevent buildup of dusts, molds, and other materials that may pose a danger to health.

Maintaining equipment – Whether the work area is a construction site or an office building, tools, equipment, and machines should be properly maintained. This will not just avoid air quality problems, but also defects and accidents.

Identifying and separating contaminants – Possibly harmful materials in the workplaces, such as dusts like metal cuttings and mineral fibers and emissions like carbon dioxide, should be identified, and their sources should be separated from the general working area and pathways that may lead to the general working area.

Not prioritizing good air quality may result into eye and skin irritation, lung problems, and even cancer. But the complications are not just physical, because a person exposed to poor air quality may suffer from poor cognitive abilities, compromising not just his or her employment life, but also his or her personal life.

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Wrongful Death Cases

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Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally stressful events a family can experience. It is much worse if the loved one has been lost because of the negligence of another party. These people may be able to get compensation by holding the parties liable. Parties can also be held liable for a number of other reasons, including failure to supervise in the workplace. But when you think about it, monetary compensation is not enough to counterbalance the pain and suffering associated with death.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death
Traffic Accidents: These kinds of accidents involve enough force to seriously injure or kill someone. Whether you are on the road itself, like drivers and motorcyclists, or not directly on the road, like pedestrians and passersby, you are at risk of getting involved in such accidents. Many wrongful death claims involving traffic accidents include drunk drivers, reckless drivers, vehicle malfunctions, and road defects.

Workplace Accidents: Accidents in the workplace, particularly on workplaces with dangerous conditions like construction sites and factories, can also potentially kill someone. Even those in safer work spaces like offices are not entirely free from harm, as there are factors in there that may cause death, like fires and defective elevators.

Premises Liabilities: Property owners have the legal obligation of ensuring the safety of their premises. If they fail to take on this obligation and a death has occurred, they may be held liable for it. Some examples of premises liability include swimming pool accidents, amusement park accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

Medical Malpractice: Incompetence of medical professionals can also cause wrongful deaths, such as the cases for surgical errors, anesthesia errors, medication errors, and defective implants and replacements.

Common Damages Associated with Wrongful Death
Medical Costs: Financial damage is one of the most obvious damage that can be sustained in wrongful death cases. One example is the medical costs in trying to treat the serious injury, as there are instances where the victim does not die immediately after the traumatic event.

Funeral Expenses: Another form of financial damage is the funeral expenses, which can easily reach a few thousand dollars.

Lost Wages: This is particularly problematic if the wrongful death victim is the primary earner in the family, as this can result into significant economic losses and changes in lifestyle.

Pain and Suffering: Aside from the financial damages, the family will also need to bear the pain of losing a loved one, potentially influencing the family members’ general enjoyment of life.

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Basic Divorce Information: Dividing Your Properties and Assets

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Even the most amicable of couples could end up facing serious contention as they go through the process of divorce. A divorce is, without a doubt, an emotionally trying time for most people. There’s just so much to consider when it’s time to separate the life you’ve purposefully chosen to build together.

Coming to an agreement on how to undo the many legal entanglements that come with marriage is cumbersome and confusing. Having to decide how to divide your properties and assets are among the most perplexing decisions you’ll have to make. It is rare for divorcing couples to be able to decide on the distribution of their properties and assets without any turbulence. Making such a loaded decision would easily end at an impasse, leaving both you and your former partner little room to negotiate amicably.

Because property division can be such a highly contested issue in any divorce proceeding, there are times when a judge will have to step in and act as executor in order to come up with an agreement that is fair to both parties. When a court steps in to settle disputes involving a couple’s property and assets, the judge will have to consider a number of different factors to exercise complete fairness. Among these considerations include taking into account each of the party’s employment and income opportunities, as well as any existing medical issue. In some cases, a judge might also take into consideration the length of the marriage. If there are children involved, the court will also have to take into account which of the two spouses was granted with physical custody in order to make appropriate provisions.

All in all, for couples going through divorce proceedings, deciding how to divide your properties and assets can cause a lot of stress. Thankfully, you have the option to seek help from legal professionals in order to hash out the finer details of your divorce. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified attorney working in your area for more information. Those in North Carolina should consult with a Raleigh divorce attorney or any divorce lawyer near where you live.

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How To File A Police Report After An Accident

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Filing a police report is a necessary step after getting involved in a car accident. While it may not be required by law, according to the website of the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, a police report can be vital especially if you are filing a personal injury claim. It is wise to file a police report even for a minor accident given the following reasons:

Injuries may not show up after a few days or weeks
Damage to the car may not show up immediately
The other driver may make false claims about the accident
The other party may admit their fault at first but eventually change their mind

There are several benefits that can be derived from filing a police report. The first advantage is that it can facilitate the filing of a claim with your auto insurance provider. Second, you can easily get paid on your claim as the fault can be easily determined. Third, in a court proceeding, the police report caan be used as evidence.

The importance of the police report in filing a claim cannot be discounted. Aside from serving as a documentation of the accident, it also presents an unbiased report of an accident. It can prove to be more effective than retelling of the accident from your side and that of the other driver. Your insurance provider will be needing the police report when filing a claim.

In addition, the police report will prove to be an advantage if you were deemed as the at-fault driver. Should the other driver fake his injury, the police report can save you from being liable for a damages for a fake injury. In cases when the account of each party is different, the report of the police officer will spell the difference.

The police report will provide the following details:

The place where the accident took place
The date and time of the accident
Damage that the vehicles incurred
Injuries sustained by the drivers or witnesses
Statements of witnesses and other drivers

There are instances when the police officer will not come to the scene of a car accident. If this is the case, you can actually file the report in the police department. You can do it online at the police station. You can also file the police report with the Department of Motor Vehicle. Simply visit their page for filing accident reports.

When filing a police report, you need to call a law enforcer. You can provide the details of the accident to the police officer who will then interview you, the other drivers involved, and other witnesses. After the filing of the police report, you should get a copy and send it to your insurance provider.

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Carrying Auto Liability Insurance: A Much Wiser Decision than not Carrying One

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When searching for an insurance firm for car liability coverage, drivers need to know and understand a number of important things which may help them end up choosing the firm that will be best for their specific situation, need and budget: in short, an insurance firm that will provide great coverage without really hurting their pocket.

Rather than a federal mandate, carrying auto insurance liability is rather made compulsory by the state. Due to this, laws vary with regard to the maximum amount of coverage and the type of insurance that drivers should have. Below are some vital information regarding car insurance coverage:

  1. Types of coverage

With regard to auto insurance coverage, states are identified based on the type of coverage that they require; thus, there are those called “tort” states and there are those identified as “no-fault” states.

In tort states, the full tort insurance coverage is the mandate. In the event of an accident, the driver, who claims to be a victim, can file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver to seek compensation for all the damages he or she has been made to suffer. This compensation, which will be paid by the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider to the victim, may cover cost of medical treatment, lost wages due to absence from work, and pain and suffering, among others.

In states where the no-fault insurance coverage is required (this type of coverage is also known as personal injury protection or PIP), there is no need to determine whose fault the accident is, thus, no lawsuit needs to be filed. In the event of an accident, the drivers involved are compensated by their respective car insurance providers, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The states where the no-fault coverage is required are Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, and Utah. In the states of Kentucky, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, drivers are allowed to choose either the full tort or the no-fault coverage.

  1. States that do not require car insurance coverage

The states of New Hampshire and Virginia are the only ones identified as having no insurance liability coverage mandated on drivers. In New Hampshire, drivers can simply show capability of providing sufficient funds in case of an “at-fault” accident, while in Virginia, drivers are required to pay a significant fee to be able to register their uninsured car. The states of Washington, New Hampshire, Montana and Hawaii, meanwhile, do not require carrying of liability insurance coverage on motorcycle riders.

Despite being required by the law in 48 states, 1 in every 8 drivers, according to the Insurance Research Council, continues to drive despite being uninsured. One consequence of this driving violation is being required by the court to file an SR-22, a certification that your car insurance provider will have to send to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), proving that you already have liability coverage. SR-22s usually last for three years and causes a little addition to your insurance premium, making a bit more expensive.

Many drivers rather risk driving without coverage, rationalizing that they cannot afford to pay premiums. In its website, however, the firm Greenfield, Wisconsin car accident attorneys clearly explain why not being insured may prove to be much more expensive than carrying insurance. Furthermore, said firm urges drivers to seek the help of independent car insurance companies when it comes to their insurance needs. These companies are able to provide drivers with an insurance quote which can best fit their situation (if they have committed traffic violations in the past), needs and, most specially, budget.

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What You Need to Know About Avoiding Identity Theft

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Identity theft is the deliberate use of someone else’s identity for personal benefits, typically for financial gain. This type of act is classified as a white-collar crime, which means that it is money-motivated and non-violent in nature. Every year, about 15 million Americans are being victimized by identity fraud. This accounts for more than $50 billion worth of financial losses!

Identity theft can be committed through a variety of methods. Some steal credit card information, while others steal checks. Hacking computers and pulling up financial information through misrepresentation are also ways on how to commit identity theft.

Milwaukee identity theft defense lawyers would probably tell you that stealing an identity for financial gain is punishable to the fullest extent permitted by law. People should be aware of ways to avoid falling prey to identity theft. After all, the best defense is always better than the most aggressive offense.

Only share information that you can afford to lose

The logic is simple: information shared in public is private information lost.  Be mindful of what you post on your social, you might be posting critical information that could be used to steal your identity.

Don’t get too excited entering your credit card info

A majority of credit card thefts involve online shopping. You can minimize your risk of fraud by using only e-commerce sites that you have tried before. If you feel that the page asking for your credit card information looks a little bit dingy, close the window immediately. It is better to err on the side of caution than to be sorry.

Be critical on how you respond to email messages

Typically, financial details are NEVER (or should never be) communicated through email. If an email asks you to reply with your financial details, it is most likely a fraud. If you receive a suspicious email, do not respond and report it to the appropriate entity involved.

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Uterine Fibroid: What It Is and How It Is Treated

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During your child-bearing years, you are at most risk of developing uterine fibroids, or myomas. Uterine fibroids are benign mass of tissues in the inside lining of the uterus. Uterine fibroids are not cancerous, or they rarely develop into cancer. But although they aren’t malignant, some of these benign masses can be so large that it can cause pain and discomfort.

According to Mayo Clinic, 3 out of 4 women develop uterine fibroids at some point of their lives, but many hardly notice any symptoms. For larger uterine fibroids, a woman may suffer from heavy, irregular, or prolonged menstrual flow. Uterine fibroids that press adjacent organs in the pelvic area may also cause pelvic pressure, bladder disorders, leg pain and constipation.

Most uterine fibroids are self-limiting, which means they disappear even without treatment. For larger uterine fibroids, doctors may recommend oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) to control menstrual flow. However, according to the website of Williams Kherkher, some OCPs, such as Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella, have been associated with dangerous blood clots. So it is important to consult with your doctor whether the drug’s benefits outweigh its risks.

Fibroids that are too large can also be removed through laparoscopic procedures. Medical devices, such as the Da Vinci Robot, have been used extensively to remove dangerous fibroids in a minimally invasive way. However, you should be aware that more and more people are filing a da Vinci robot lawsuit due to adverse complications, such as excessive bleeding, burns and tears in the bowel, punctured blood vessels, and even death.

Any women of child-bearing age may develop uterine fibroids. However, those with hormonal problems or are under hormone replacement therapy are at greater risk. African-American women and those whose mother or sisters had fibroids are also more prone to these. So, if you think you are at increased risk of this disease and are experiencing one or more of the symptoms above, visit your physician right away for prompt diagnosis and treatment.


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Two Best Car Radiator Remedies That Work

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Your car radiator is responsible in keeping the temperature of your engine within normal operating condition. Without it, your car simply won’t run. Furthermore, a malfunctioning car radiator may result in engine breakdowns, making you more prone to car accidents while on the road.

The website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C. points out how life-changing a car accident could be, especially to the victims. Unfortunately, far too many accidents in the U.S. road have already been associated with malfunctioning car components. One of the car parts that are prone to damage is the radiator. There are many reasons why a car radiator may leak. A front fender bender, for instance, could be enough to damage your radiator. On the other hand, the website of Ali Mokarram says that radiators can malfunction if manufactured below quality standards.

Sealing a leaky radiator is easy when holes are visible. Applying cold weld epoxy, for instance, is an effective temporary fix. Another good way to fix it is by rubbing a bar soap to the hole until the leak stops. But what if you can’t find them? Here’s what you can do to seal small, unseen radiator holes until you get to the nearest repair shop:

Raw eggs

You may use eggs in plugging unseen and unreachable radiator holes. As the hot radiator water cooks the egg, it solidifies and seals the leak.

Black pepper

Pinhole leaks in your radiator can temporarily be sealed with black pepper. As the water in your radiator warms up, the small pepper pieces would circulate, allowing some of the bits to lodge into the holes. Paprika, mustard powder and cornmeal can also be good alternatives.

But remember, peppers and eggs shouldn’t be in your car’s system in the first place. So, the moment you seal those holes temporarily, rush to the nearest repair shop for a permanent fix.

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